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Okay, here are some of the frequently asked questions, were sure you will have many more, please pick up the phone or pop in and ask us....

Q How young can you start diving?

A You can enrol on the PADI Bubblemaker at 8, or the Junior Open Water Course at 10 years old.


Q Do I need a medical?


A You are asked to fill in a medical questionnaire, if you answer yes to any of the questions you are required to have a medical


Q What is the first course that certifies me as a diver?


A The PADI Open Water Course certifies you as a diver


Q How deep can I dive?


A The Open Water Course certifies you to a maximum depth of 18m, the Adventure Diver (Advanced) Course certifies you to a recommended maximum of 30m.


Q Are there risks involved in diving?


A As in every sport there is a risk, statistics show that SCUBA diving is safer than bowling.


Q Is diving expensive?


A Diving can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be

Q How much is the PADI Open Water Course?


A The PADI Open Water Course costs 299.00, this includes your books, hire of equipment, your tuition, the pool session, the open water dives and certification.


Q How long does the PADI Open Water Course Lasts?


A The PADI Open Water Course is performance based, so it depends on the individual. It normally takes between 2 and 8 weeks


Q Do I have to be a strong swimmer?


A No, you have to be able to pass a basic swimming test. If required swimming tuition can be provided.


If you have any question on diving,

please feel free to contact us


E-mail: dive@oceandreams.co.uk