Emergency First Response Course

The Emergency First Response (EFR) course is run over a number of evenings or a weekend. The EFR Course is a comprehensive course that covers general first aid, Problem Management and CPR, as well as covering O2 administration and Defibrillation.  We have all seen the 999 programs on the television; well why not have a go yourself. As a centre we try to encourage all our friends to attend this course, it could save your life or the life of a loved one.

We feel knowing about First Aid is important and this reflects in the prices. The course is held in the classroom so there are no diving or pool sessions required. This course is suitable for divers and non-divers, so bring a friend.

The EFR  is a new and exciting course which was introduced in Jan 03.  You may ask why do I need to learn about Defibrillation? The answer is, you will be giving your patient a better chance of survival.  The  government are trying to encourage the use of these machines which can be found in most large department stores and public areas today.  We know it works, and you don't need to be Einstein to use the fully automated ones, so come and have a go, its fun easy and you may save someone's life one day.

EFR have also developed a Care for Children course that can be incorporated into this First Responder course or run as a stand alone course.  If you have a niece, nephew, brother, sister, son or daughter.  This is the course for you.  We don't drive cars without being prepared i.e. insurance etc.  Lets take care of our loved ones by preparing ourselves with the knowledge and skills to be able to deal with problems when they arise.  Now that we have so much congestion on our roads delays are inevitable when looking at available help and the time it takes to get to us. We can't turn you into doctors, but we can give you the knowledge and skills that can make a difference.

So be safe! You  don't have to be a diver to attend these courses so get your friends and family trained. 


E-mail: dive@oceandreams.co.uk