Adventure Diver (Advanced Open Water Diver)


Having gained the entry-level certification, most divers like to increase their levels of knowledge and experience. Both goals are achieved by participating in the PADI Adventure Diver (Advanced Open Water Diver) program, this comprises of five dives, including Deep and Navigation dives.


As with PADI Open Water course, there are various ways in which this this can be done, we offer this program both here in the UK and also abroad.


If you choose to do it here, it's very likely to be conducted over one weekend in Cornwall. If you elect to combine it with one of our foreign trips, we will endeavour to complete the program early on, thus enabling you to dive for the remainder of the trip as an PADI Adventure Diver (Advanced Open Water Diver).


As a bonus we like to offer the option to join us on one of our escorted diving holidays. Advanced Course may cost you as little as 80, and that's just the cost of your certification fee & Manual, the tuition is free.


Upon completion of this program participants have not only gained additional knowledge and experience, but also increase their maximum depth limit from eighteen to thirty meters. Additionally, Advanced divers may participate in the speciality programs they were not eligible for as Open Water Divers.


Course Overview


All divers enrolled in the PADI Adventure diver (Advanced) course complete two Core Dives. Core dives orient the diver to the fundamentals of advanced diving and include the following activities:

  • Underwater Navigation (combination natural and compass dive)

  • Deep Diving

Three of the five dives are considered electives, you have a choice of the type of dives.