Club News

Ocean Dreams, Bristol's premier Scuba Diving School

Ocean Dreams was a vision seen by two divers who have over 25 years diving experience between them. After working in the diving industry for a number of years we have seen the industry become saturated by greed. Student and novice divers have become a number, a figure on the balance sheet, the fun is slowly being taken from the sport. So we wanted to introduce a safe haven to all new and current fun loving divers. Ocean Dreams is where your dreams begin, as well as safe diving, we want you to enjoy yourself and meet new and interesting people, go to places you would normally see only on the television.

Whether you are on a learn to dive course or furthering your current diving qualification, you can participate with the confidence of knowing that you could not be in better, or safer hands.

Our staff are not only active divers but they are all professionals, and as such have full involvement with all aspects of diver training. The people you first meet in the centre will often be with you providing the instruction and guidance, along with plenty of cheerful encouragement, throughout your training programs.

We run all courses in both the UK and exotic locations like the Red Sea - so you could complete your training with a holiday having done the theory and pool work in Bristol..

Our People

   Tina Symons, (on the right) taking a new diver to explore this beautiful reef in the Red Sea.

She is responsible for administration, training co-ordination and instruction. A PADI IDCS Instructor (and one of the regions few female instructors). A very approachable and capable person who is only too happy to help. When requested, Tina conducts our female only classes! If you want to do something or try something Tina will fix it.
Bob Symons, in the Red Sea.

He is the Chief Instructor, will be found at all pool sessions. His laid back nature has allowed the most nervous diver to grow in the confidence of their own skill. Allegedly a 60's throw back, but if challenged he will only admit to being a 70's babe. 

Training Team Paul Parker, Martin Ford, Mike Reynolds,Terry Smith, Shane & Jamie Wallace, Rory & Saskia McNulty, Sandra Keith, Rebecca McMurren, Nick Overfield and Steve West.

The quality of the equipment used is of paramount importance. We are confident that our school kit is the best. We welcome, and recommend, that you come and have a look at the equipment before embarking on any training activity, please come and see for yourself. Using top brand, top quality equipment will make your learning experience that much easier and pleasurable.


E-mail: dive@oceandreams.co.uk